The 2020 Alfa Romeo Stelvio vs. 2020 Lexus IS 300: Which Brings More Torque to Edmonton, AB Drivers?

Torque matters for several reasons. It is vital for quick acceleration from low gears and, with proper traction and stability control systems, it can help increase grip and improve bad-weather performance. The Alfa Romeo Giulia and Lexus IS 300 are comparable in many ways, but one of these premium sedans proves the definitive victor when it comes to torque.

2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia

Engine: 2.0L Turbo 4-cylinder

Torque: 306 lb.-ft

Acceleration to 100 km/h: 5.3 seconds

2020 Lexus IS 300

Engine: 2.0L Turbo 4-cylinder

Torque: 258 lb.-ft

Acceleration to 100 km/h: 6.9 seconds

With superior torque, the Alfa Romeo Giulia is far better at rapid acceleration. It also has electronic stability and traction control and an anti-slip regulation system. These all help improve grip and transfer power to other wheels to compensate for slippage. These features are even more essential if you opt for the available Q4 AWD.

The well-engineered engine, transmission with lock-up clutch, and carbon-fibre driveshaft help the 2020 Giulia outpace the competition when it comes to torque.

To experience the power of the 2020 Giulia for yourself, contact Alfa Romeo of Edmonton to set up a test drive today.