The 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia in Edmonton, AB: A Sports Sedan with Available AWD

The 2020 Giulia brings a pure sports-sedan experience to Canada with its standard RWD – but winter conditions  may sometimes require four-wheel capability. This is why Alfa Romeo has paired the platform with all-season performance, offering the available Q4 AWD.

The Giulia’s Q4 can provide the necessary traction on wet, snowy, and icy roads. It’s designed to send 100% of the 306 lb.-ft of torque from the 2.0L turbocharged engine to the rear axle. However, if the car senses slippery surfaces, it can move up to 60% of the power to the front via an active transfer case. Sensors continually adjust the distribution ratio for ideal grip in any weather conditions, allowing the platform to more effectively navigate.

The Q4 AWD is further complemented by an integrated braking system (IBS), which also adapts to match road conditions. It helps drivers maintain control while stopping and limits vibrations when the anti-lock feature engages.

If you want a sedan that offers the practicality of AWD without forcing you to sacrifice a sporty RWD experience, connect with Alfa Romeo of Edmonton to inquire about the 2020 Giulia.