2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia Boasts Revised Infotainment System In Edmonton

Modern drivers demand more than performance from their sedans (though, none can deny the value of the 2020 Giulia and its turbocharged 2.0L engine, which generates 280 HP and 306 lb.-ft of torque). Instead connectivity is needed – and this is why Alfa Romeo has fused the luxury market with premium digital options.

The first major change that you will notice if you are familiar with previous Giulia models is the enlarged touchscreen. Prior to the current production run, it was 6.5-inches. However, now it is 8.8-inches, which proves more user-friendly. The interface was created by Marelli, and it offers the highest level of customization on the market. You can design your home page exactly how you want it by simply dragging and dropping the widgets.

Another innovative element that has become available is 3D navigation. Showcasing crisp graphics, vibrant colours, and terrain mapping, this function lets you clearly see your route. Using an NDS format from TomTom, this fully-integrated feature allows for online searching to find the lowest fuel prices and parking spots; and it also enables speed-cam readings and weather condition updates.

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